Best Free PHP Code Editor for Chrome


We have already told you about the best 10 open source code editors, but they are purely desktop freeware. Today we have a online app, PHP code editor for Google chrome. A web based interface to edit your code with syntax highlighting, FTP access, code validation and more. You can edit your php scripts easily on the go.

PHP Code Editor is a chrome web app that acts as a online PHP code editor for Chrome where you can edit your PHP code and do other stuff without a desktop PHP editor, all via single web based interface. This way you can work on your project now matter where in the world you are, or on wich computer you are sitting at. PHP Code Editor works in almost any web browser, that supports Javascript.

You can simply either access your files directly on your FTP server, where your webpage is located at. Or you can upload your files to your personal directory, if you don’t feel comfortable about entering your FTP credentials. It has support to FTP access, syntax highlighting, code validation, code completition and more.

With the validate option on the code editor, you can validate code for HTML, CSS and Javascript. Also you can minimize javascript code. Just sign up for a free account and start using the online PHP code editor from where ever you are. You can save your files online and access / edit them from any desktop you’re sitting at. It also provides secure connection (https)

Download PHP Code Editor [Chrome webapp]

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