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What is mind map ? It is a diagram that used to represent the idea in words, circles, boxes mapping around the main keyword or idea. Very much useful to visualize your idea and other components surrounding your idea. From the Wiki ” By presenting ideas in a radial, graphical, non-linear manner, mind maps encourage a brainstorming approach to planning and organizational tasks. ” How to make a mind map ? You can do it easily with the free mind mapping software. Alread we told you about a free online mind mapping tool called ‘’

BluMind is the best free mind mapping software for Windows that allows you to create mind map, edit, delete and view mind map. Easy for brainstroming your ideas and bringing your ideas a visual approach, easy for taking the idea to the next level. Once you’ve created mind map with Blumind, you can export the mindmap to image file such as jpeg, png file format.

With the customization options available in Blumind, you can give color to your tasks, change the fonts and total customization for your mind map. It is simple and easy user interface, multiple document editing, supporting for multiple languages such as Chinese, etc.

You can also include a tree diagram, organizational charts in your mind map. Support for colorful themes, notes, icons, progress bars and other widgets, providing a rich view to render and function. It is available in both installer as well as portable version. Pick your downloads from blumind site.

Downlaod BluMind [Free Mindmap tool]

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