5 Ways to Get Google Plus Username or Vanity URL


You don’t have any official vanity URL for Google plus profiles, so many third party app has arisen so that you have a short username or vanity URL for your Google plus profiles. Unlike Facebook, Google plus don’t has username for Google Plus profiles. We have also discussed this few weeks ago, so today would like to tell you 3 third party web services that allows you to get google plus username.

The normal Google profile links will look something like ‘ https://plus.google.com/111660370451042043509’ but once you’ve set a username for your Google plus profiles, you can share your google plus profiles with your friends just by giving a short url something like ‘ Gplus.to/dangerdiabolick ‘. So how to get Google plus vanity URL like you have in Facebook ? It’s easy.


Infact, this is the first web app which was developed right after Google plus social network to get the vanity URL for your Google plus profiles. We have done a detailed review on this app, check out here.


Another similar service to get your Google plus vanity URL. Just give your Google plus profile ID and select a username for your Google plus profile. Then you will get something like this –> myplus.name/dangerdiabolick – so this will auto redirect to your Google plus profile.

Other similar apps are listed below :


You can also create your own app to generate a Google plus username or vanity URL under your domain name. This isn’t a rocket science, just use the bit.ly pro version which is free and this whole app idea is just like getting your own URL shortner. You’re just getting the profile ID value, redirecting with a URL shortner, allowing the visitors to set the own text characters for second part of their URL. Will write a detailed tutorial on it. Stay tuned.

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  1. Great share … I’ve used gplus.to to get my G+ username :)

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