10 Best Android Apps for Beer Lovers


August 5th is usually celebrated as International Beer day, so Wishing you belated Happy Beer day. Just thought of compiling list of beer apps for android specially for beer lovers and android fan boys. Here are some best beer apps. If you own an iPhone, you can search the same app name in iTunes store. So, let’s get started swimming through a sea of beer apps.


It gives you a sensation to drink beer, because it displays a tin of beer with foam, bubbles, burp where you can drink free beer on your phone. Tilt your phone to drink beer, shake it for foam & extra bubbles, fake break your screen. It’s so realistic that it will fool a bartender.

Beer Counter

Just keep track of your beer consumption. Will be helpful finally when you’re paying the bill. The android app just keep counting the beer that you’ve consumed.

Balance the beer

Balance the beer is a social party game where you need to balance the drink on a wet surface without it falling off. Hold the phone flat, parallel to the ground to keep the sliding glass from falling off for 15 seconds. Just try it on your android mobile. The app is totally free.

Taplister Search

For tech and beer geeks, a community resource that helps you find what craft beers are on tap in Portland, Oregon. It’s the first live beer search engine using the popular social network Twitter.

Beer Hero

Beer hero, with the help of your GPS in android phone will allow you to find the best place to have great bottled craft-brewed beers and Brew Pubs. It also has a Beer / Meal pairing feature that will point you to locally available beers that go well with your meal choice.

Beer Cloud

With beer cloud, you can manage your favorite beers and brewers. Access custom beer lists. Search by name, voice, or bar code scan. it also recommends you beer/food pairings.

The Beer Expert

The beer expert lets you to speak a beer name or type in or scan a barcode where ever you have heard and find more than 300,000 beer details and stuff from a huge beer community. You can also get reviews about the specific beer.


Great craft beer reviews in the palm of your hand. Browse and search through craft beer reviews by beer name, brewery and style. Mark beers you like as favorites, Discover new beers by clicking the random review button.

Free Beer Battery Widget

One of the coolest battery widgets I have ever used, See the beer going down while the battery status goes down. Apart from the battery draining down, you can see the information such as Capacity, Temperature, Status and more.

Pintley Beer Recommendation

Best way to discover beer that you will love, based on the taste, ratings and many other stuff, Pintley beer recommendation app can be your own beer expert. Personalized beer recommendations, drink tracking, beer library and more.

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