Use decorative symbol fonts in Facebook, Emails, Tweets with i2Symbol


You might have come across beautiful symbols or special characters that people use on emails, sms, facebook status updates, tweets or where ever it may be, but have you ever thought how did they write those symbols which don’t have a specific button on the keyboard ?

i2Symbol is an online tool (comes as a addon for Chrome & Firefox) that enables you to quickly enrich your SMS, emails, tweets, and facebook messages with cool graphical text characters. As you can use them on Emails, Facebook, SMS and Twitter, your friends will be suprised and simple trick to show off.

When using them on twitter, each symbol is taken as 1 character only. So great way to save your message size. There are lot of symbols which are categorized under 50 different classes. It offers two kind of copy pasting mechanism to general users and web developers/designers. If you’re a general user, you can simply copy paste the symbol and use it on the text mode. If you’re designer or developer, you can copy paste the HTML code and paste inside your code.

Once you’ve installed i2Symbol, a small hearteen icon will appear on your chrome bar and by clicking them a small i2symbol
interface will be opened. You can select the characters and symbols. They are categorized into different classes such as most popular, love, emoticons, faces, weather, flowers, stars, signs, fractions and many more.

Simply click on the character and it gets displayed on the text box and where you can simply copy them and paste where ever you want. You can also directly tweet the symbols from the i2Symbol interface with their tweet button.

Download i2Symbol [Chrome Extension] & Firefox

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