Top 3 Hand Picked Books on Blackberry Development


Blackberry Smartphones have graced the earth for almost a decade now. Blackberry OS is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated mobile operating systems currently in the market. RIM has its own Blackberry App World wherein Blackberry users can download both paid and free applications. With millions of Blackberry devices all over the world and Blackberry PlayBook flying off the shelf quick Blackberry apps and Blackberry app development is turning out to be a profitable industry.

BlackBerry Development Fundamentals

As the name suggests the book covers all the fundamentals which every blackberry developer who is serious about getting in to Blackberry application development should know. The book helps you optimize your upfront design choices, and covers native rich-client applications and Web-based mobile applications for both business and consumer environments. The book has a very lucid language and gives you a classroom like teaching feel.

Beginning BlackBerry Development

Beginning Blackberry Development is a unique resource which helps Blackberry Developers walk through the fundamental process of downloading and installing RIM’s JDE for BlackBerry. It is important to have basic knowledge of Java and C# before getting your hands dirty with techniques mentioned in the book. The book explains in detail RIM’s JDE Plug-in for the Eclipse platform and guides developers through the creation of first BlackBerry application.

Advanced Blackberry Development

Once you are done with awareness of various tools used in building Blackberry apps it is time to think more advanced. Successful app development may involve advanced techniques which will need to implement apps which use various form factors of different Blackberry devices. This is where the book Advanced Blackberry Development helps you. Read this book and be surprised with the immense possibilities one can achieve with Blackberry apps.

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