Sync Remember the Milk Service in Gmail with Chrome addon


Remember the Milk is a reminder service, best to-do list app, managing your tasks becomes easy with Remember the Milk. Once you’re signed up for free, you can add task, manage them and schedule task to reminder you about. You can get reminders anywhere email, sms, gtalk, skype, yahoo etc. For more things, you can check out their FAQ page which has tons of information with step by step guide for using Remember the Milk.

You can easily sync your Remember the Milk service with Gmail using chrome addon. Once installed, you’ll see a tasks pane on the right in Gmail. You can customise which tasks are shown (with options to filter based on list, Smart List, tag, location, or advanced search criteria) and decide how to sort and group your tasks. Adding new tasks is easy. Just enter your task in the box provided.

To complete, postpone, delete, or view and edit a task’s details, just move your mouse over a task in the list. You can also undo the things you have made. If you want to get reminder about an email, you can simply star the email or label it with ‘To Do’, RTM can automatically create a task when you star a message, or label a message with a specific label.

Milk automatically connects with your Calendar, Contacts and schedule tasks, events. From the to do task, you can email the contact, chat with the contact and ultimately it makes you more organized and productive.

Remember the Milk Gmail addon

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