Share Facebook Photos with people not on facebook


Feedmom is a useful online service that lets you to send your recently uploaded and upcoming Facebook photo uploads to your mom who is not on Facebook. Not only your mom, you can send them to any one who is not in Facebook. They don’t need a Facebook account or signup anything to view your Facebook photos. They get all your Facebook photo uploads to their Email. Awesome isn’t it?

This is what the company has to say ” Feed Mom will email your mom daily with all the photos you upload to Facebook and/or any photo you’re tagged in. Your mom does not need to login to Facebook, use Facebook or even acknowledge that Facebook exists. Mom understands email. Oh, it works for your dad and your aunt too. ”

Simply authorize your Facebook account with the Feedmom Facebook app. Once you’re done, you can enter the email address of your mom or anyone in Feedmom app. The Feedmom account is limited to 1 email address. If you want to send photos to mom, dad, aunt, then you add email ID to get pack of 2 or 3 email addresses for price of 1.99$ USD. Once you’ve added the email, Those people will automatically receive email of the photos you upload to Facebook and/or photos you’re tagged in. The emails provide a simple way to see the photos even mom will understand. If there are a lot of new photos they are grouped together into a single email.

It gives you a option to customize what to Email such as new photos that you upload to Facebook or new photos that you’re tagged. You can customize the tagged photos option by setting a delay in the email option by 24 hours, 48 hrs so on. So that you could check out the tagged photos and remove them if it is unwanted.


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