Send Email from Chrome Address bar with OmniMail


Want to speed up things as the world moves at rapdi pace ? Yes, just save few clicks as opening your Gmail, hitting Compose email button, Inputting mail address and then writing down the subject. Instead, install OmniMail extension for Chrome and start entering the mail contact address directly on the address bar of your Chrome browser.

OmniMail helps you send emails faster. You can start sending emails directly from your chrome address bar. Just enter the email id to whom you’ve to send and hit enter to write down the subject. Once you’ve installed OmniMail on your Chrome browser, what you’ve to do is ..

Enter ‘mail’ (without quotes) in your address bar and then start typing the email address to whom you need to send email. It automatically opens a new GMail window with a new email directed at that email address. You can enter as many space-separated emails as you like. You can also search for recipients using Google Contacts.

Download OmniMail for Chrome

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