Mashup Facebook Photos, Videos to Make Facebook Video with Masher app


You can create video slideshow with all your Facebook photos. Previously we told you about creating video slideshow with any photo album and more of similar tools. Today we have a Facebook app that mashes up all your Facebook photos, videos into a video so that you can share, upload on YouTube etc. Below are similar Mashup tools to create video with photo albums

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Masher Facebook app is a free app that lets you to create a mash up video with all your Facebook videos, Photo albums and also allows you to upload photos, videos and audio mp3 music from your computer. You can mashup all the things and finally create a video to upload and share with your friends.

Best use case of this app is to create a mashup of your recent vacation photo, video album and create a stunning video with moving effects and background musics. All you need to do is, just authorize the masher app with your facebook profile. Once you’ve done that, it shows all your facebook photos and direct jump into the creation process.

Drag and drop the photos, videos, upload your other photos, videos from your computer, add background music for the mashup video. There are two tabs, Your media & masher media. Your media contains your facebook photos, videos and gives you the option to upload from your computer. Masher media contains all the third party photos, videos where you can also use them in your mashup video.

Now the next step after adding all your pictures, you can add text effects on photos, select text color, fonts, etc. You can also add effects for photos and choose a skin for the video player.

Finally you get a chance to save the video, you can display your video in masher gallery. Enter the title and description of the video and save the video. You can also share the video on facebook profile, tweet, embed or email them.

Masher Facebook app

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  1. Robin says:

    This really saves our big time :) Thank you so much for this great recommendation and i am gonna try it out now :) Retweeted and FBShared :P


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