How to remove metadata from photos ?


Metadata means data inside data, that describes and gives info about other data. So when you take photographs in your digital camera, all your personal information will be included in the photos such as who owns it, copyright information, what camera created that photo, exposure information, keywords in the photo and many other technical details which many others don’t prefer. So how to remove metadata from images ? There are many free metadata remover softwares that removes metadata from pictures.

Deleting metadata from images is so easy that you can use this free tool and delete all the metadata information from photos with one click. Erase all the metadata information from jpeg with metadata cleaner. Before we get into the software, if you want to know how the metadata information will look like in a photograph, then you can check out in Flickr or Google Plus images.

FileMind Quickfix is a free metadata remover software that rapidly strips sensitive information from thousand of files in just seconds. Some digital camera and mobile phone camera photos includes the geo location of the photo such as where it was taken and other location information, so this FileMind Quickfix software removes all your personal information and GPS location data from all your photos, with just a single mouse click.

GPS is not the only information that strangers may find in your photos. Personal information can also hide in Exif tags (picture-taking conditions such as date, time, camera type etc.) as well as Iptc and XMP tags (descriptive metadata such as names and addresses, copyright, location details etc.). Photos may also contain an embedded visual preview of the uncropped original. FileMind QuickFix removes all of the above.

FileMind QuickFix Metadata Scrubber removes all the metadata tags inside photos with one click. All you need to do is, just install the free software, drag and drop the images inside the software interface and click Quick fix, that’s it. FileMind QuickFix can safely scrub thousands of JPEG files in just minutes. It automatically makes backup copies of the original files, too.

Download FileMind QuickFix

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  1. Aamir says:

    good, if u dont want to share your information with others

  2. Francis says:

    This tool is also great for removing metadata:
    It lets accurate deleting of EXIF and other metadatas – you can select which tags to remove, and which to stay intact.

  3. deaconous says:

    if you want to share photos directly from your iPhone or Android, like most people do these days, use a ‘free’ app called Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor.

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