How to Play Videos on Amazon Kindle ?


Does can kindle play videos ? Not exactly, but it can convert a video into a comic strip frame by frame. Mark Longstaff-Tyrrell, a developer at the BBC has come up with a software tool named ‘iPlayer for Kindle’ that combines the broadcaster’s popular iPlayer video streaming service together with some software, and through the use closed captioning.

The news which is covered in GigaOM explains the working model of iPlayer for Kindle ” The program plays with closed captions running. Each time there is a line of dialogue, a snapshot of the screen is taken. Over the course of an on-screen conversation or a series of scenes, these snapshots are compiled. Once that’s done, they can be put together to form a fairly accurate representation of the program – sort of like a stop-motion version of TV. ”

To make it slightly more fluid, the software will then go through and take out some extra frames to combine with the dialogue frames, to show things like movement. It then takes the finished product and converts it to an HTML file, which can then be converted into the PDF format for “watching” on your Kindle device. If you think about it, it’s sort of like reading an animated comic strip, or watching stop motion animation.

You can check out the example of iPlayer for Kindle here

You can read about the full technical details here at blog

But rumors have been around that Amazon is working around the next generation Kindle that supports videos, color version of kindle and more. IMO, I will wait for the next version, but if you want you can try this as a comic strip. via

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