How to Get Old Facebook Chat back


As you all might find annoying in using the new Facebook chat which appears in your Facebook sidebar, here is a simple trick that lets you to turn your new Facebook chat into old style Facebook chat window. If you feel the new Facebook chat in sidebar is irritating and annoying, you can switch back to old facebook chat by installing a small addon for your Chrome and Firefox browser.

Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion is a userscript for browsers (Chrome & Firefox) that does the job of reverting the old style facebook chat back to you for easy use. You can easily get rid of this new facebook chat in sidebar replacing it with one like the original.

The new facebook chat in the sidebar, shows only the friends to whom you talk often and also doesn’t allow you to scroll down the contacts. It just shows people who are online available and not other friends who are in idle. So this is basically sucks and annoys everyone.

Once you’ve installed this userscript (just like any other browser addon) you can view the old facebook chat which shows all online and idle friends, not just the ones you talk to frequently, it also hides offline friends. It just mimics some of the functionality of the old chat while removing the annoying features of the new sidebar.

Features of this addon :

  • Shows ALL online/idle friends
  • Shows ONLY online/idle friends (Doesn’t show offline friends)
  • Orders friends by first name
  • Groups friends by online and idle.
  • Shows total number of online/idle friends when chat bar is open and closed.
  • Chat bar adjusts in size based on how many friends you have online.
  • Chat bar closes when it loses focus to stay out of your way.
  • Does not realign the page when chat opens
  • Header to the top of chat that closes the menu when clicked.
  • Works for both HTTP and HTTPS
  • Searching friends is still possible.
  • Going online/offline is still possible.
  • Keep the list of online friends on the left hand side of the page always visible even when the chat dialog opens.
  • Adds “View Profile” link to the cog menu in each chat window to easily view the profile of the person you are talking to.

How to Install this script to get the Old facebook chat back ?

For Chrome users :

Just go to the Userscript page –

Click the Install button which you see on the top right side.

Now Install the extension. Refresh your facebook homepage.

You can see the old facebook chat where you can scroll, view online & idle friends.

For Firefox users :

First Install Grease monkey addon (only if you install this addon, you can run userscripts in Firefox browser)

Installing greasemonkey addon is just like installing any other addon to Firefox browser.

Once you’ve installed the addon, as usual restart your firefox browser.

Now go to the userscript page –

Click the Install button on the userscript page.

Once it is installed, refresh your facebook page in Firefox. You get the old facebook chat back. Hola !!

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  1. Sarah says:

    It worked for me when I installed it with Google Chrome, but it won’t actually let me chat with anyone. Every time I try to message someone, I can’t send the message. Pushing “Enter” only starts a new line…

  2. rodriguj says:

    help me i want my old chat back help pwessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rodriguj says:

    please any one help me get my old chat back please please help i hate new chat

  4. Talolot says:

    I think the script only works for Firefox? Not sure tho. I have my facebook chat reverted to the old one with the same process installing add-ons to browsers. Check this website, it may help

  5. Jon says:

    So I installed it for google chrome. My groups and notes are now gone.. I don’t know what happened

  6. Kushal says:


    Many of the facebook users are facing a tough time with the all new facebook chat.

    But Guys you can get your OLD FACEBOOK CHAT BACK….

    All you have to do is to click on the link of the SOFTWARE compaible with CHROME, FIREFOX, OPERA etc etc… ALL BROWSERS.
    NO Spyware or Spam…. 100% working…

  7. salma says:


  8. Delphyne says:

    I reversed it to the old chatversion – I now see only the friends online, but not the idle version. Can somebody help?

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