How to create stripe background designs with stripemania


Previously we had told you about the website background pattern maker which can create beautiful background patterns with stipes, dots, image patterns. Now today we have dedicated stripe background design maker that lets you to create stripes in seconds.

Stripemania is a simple free online tool to create diagonal stripes for your website designs. You are able to choose the size of the stripes, spacing between those, stripe orientation. You can live preview the background pattern. With just few clicks you can create your own stripe background pattern.

All you need to do is just three steps. Select the background color, stripe color (you can select single color, two or more for gradient effect) download the stripe and use it on your designs.

Similar to Stripe Mania, here is one more tool named Stripedbgs that does the similar job to stripemania. Simply click the randomize button on stripedbgs to get the stripe background pattern, also select the resolution you need the background pattern, finally you can download them.

You can also manually enter the color codes to get your own stripe backgrounds. Else, you can use the randomize button to get the striped backgrounds from stripedbgs.

Stripemania | Stripedbgs

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