How to Create Line Patterns with Background Maker


If you’re designing a website layout and looking out for an attractive professional background patterns with horizontal / vertical line patterns, then make it easily with BGMaker online app. Website background patterns are the basic one that should always blend with the website design. The website background patterns should not be a solid single color hurting your eyes, instead a decent professional solid line patterns should look outstanding.

BGMaker app allows you to create line patterns with stipes, dots and later which can be exported to transparent PNG. You can hand draw line patterns by selecting colors from the color pallette, insert the color code directly on the panel. Three options – Fill, Save, Gallery. Fill option entirey fills the single color as background pattern, save option lets you to save as transparent PNG.

Do you want to find out the true power of this website background pattern generator ? then check out its Gallery page.

We have another similar online tool named BGPatterns, a tiny app for making background patterns in few clicks. Unlike BGMaker, BGPatterns has lot of options to customize your background pattern. You have colors, canvas, design images, rotation of pattern and more.

Open BGPatterns app, select the foreground and background color for your pattern. You can check out the preview live when making changes. You can also select the canvas and image on the background pattern.

They have variety of images to select with. You can play with the opacity, location and image scale too. Finally, you can rotate your background patter to your style and download the image in PNG format.

BGMaker | BGPatterns

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