How to add a dislike button to facebook ?


This is not a spam or am not trying to hack your facebook profiles. This is just a facebook dislike addon for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This facebook dislike button google chrome lets you to dislike a status message and your friends can see the dislike option only if they’ve installed this facebook dislike addon. So obviously both the parties should have installed facebook dislike button addon to find out who has disliked the status message on facebook.

Dislike button for Facebook addon allows you to dislike your friend’s wall posts. is a Facebook Dislike button browser extension that allows you to mark unliked content within Facebook, so that others can see what you don’t like.

Once installed in your browser, displays an extra ‘thumbs down-style’ Facebook Dislike button next to any content within Facebook. The Dislike button works much like a regular ‘Like’ button, the major difference being that your dislikes will not be visible to the ones without the extension installed.

Download Dislike button Facebook addon

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