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Suppose if you want to share a particular piece of text from a web page, how would you share it with your friend ? You can share the link of the page and then ask him to find the particular line or few words that are present in the paragraph. It’s a tedious task to share a particular piece of text on a web page. If its all about sharing a web page link, then it will be easy because you can share the link directly, but sharing a piece of text in thousands of words will be a tough task. Here where Citebite comes to the rescue.

Citebite is a online app that lets you to get the direct URL link for the piece of text that you’re willing to share with your friends. Citebite allows you to link directly to quotes in web pages. All you need to do is just paste a chunk of text and the URL of the page containing the text and in return get a link that opens directly to your selection and highlights it.

If you find something useful or interesting quote in a web page, just paste the piece of text and the web page URL from the address bar. In return you get the citebite link that directly highlights the quote in the page.

You can share the citebite link with your friends on delicious, stumbleupon or digg it. Very useful for people who shares a particular piece of text from a huge paragraph.

Citebite also has a browser extension and bookmarklet. Just drag and drop the bookmarklet in your browser bookmarks bar and when ever you visit a webpage. Once you’ve got the Citebite bookmarklet installed, simply surf the web as you would normally and when you happen upon something you would like to Citebite: Use your mouse to select the text you want to quote and click on the Citebite bookmarklet.

Citebite – Link directly to Quotes.

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