Hide Google Plus Notifications Everywhere Except For Google Plus


With the launch of Google Plus (Facebook like Social networking site from Google), most of your time gets distracted due to the notification icon which is present in the Google toolbar. If you’re using Google plus, you could see a small red notification icon in the toolbar that appear on all the Google services such as Gmail, Google reader, Google news, Docs and more. So when you’re working and suddenly a notification is received, the red color icon draws your attention and distracts, kills your productivity.

You can simply hide the notification icon totally from all the Google products (removes completely from the toolbar) except for Plus.Google.com.

There is a userscript for Firefox, chrome extension that hides Google plus notification across all the Google services except Google+ where it is needed. So just go ahead, install the extension/script and get rid of the annoying notification icon.

Userscript for Firefox / Chrome Extension

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  1. Ashley Pearson says:

    Nice article, although I prefer them to be there to be honest. I like the fact I can see my notifications whilst I am checking my email.

  2. Good One dear..

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