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Google Translation is a famous service that allows you to translate words from any language using the Google translator tool. It will translate those phrases which you’ve mentioned automatically to the another language that you indicate. If you’re using Google chrome browser, then if you visit any websites that are other than English, it will automatically convert them into your default browser language. But, if the website is in English and has words inbetween in another language, then you need to look out for a translator tool to understand the meaning. Here comes a handy Google translate bookmarket that does the job of translating phrases in single click.

Translet is a web service based on Google’s translator that automatically translates phrases on the website to any other language you indicate. It’s a simple bookmarklet that you need to drag and drop into your bookmarks bar. When ever you want to translate words into other language, just highlight the word in the webpage using your mouse and click the bookmarklet icon so that it displays an internal popup of Google translator tool.

All you need to do is, just add the bookmarklet to the Links bar of your browser, highlight the word, point the cursor and press the bookmarklet, where we will see a box on screen with the original sentence points along with translation into our language. It automatically detects the language and allows us to translate the original phrase into another language.

Features Translet :

Auto detect your browsers language.
Whole page translation.
Support to 90 different languages by Google translate.

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