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Google Plus is the upcoming Facebook competitor and company’s top secret social network which was unveiled a few days back. With it’s interesting features such as huddle, sparks, circles, group hangout (video chatting) and more people are going crazy towards Google plus. So, as a webmaster or blogger you tend to display your social profiles such as Facebook or Twitter on your blog so that people and visitors love to connect with you. Similarly, here is a easy way for you to display your Google plus profile in your WordPress blog so that people can connect with you on Google Plus.

GoogleCards is a Google Plus WordPress Plugin that lets you to display your Google plus profile in a simple ID card format. It shows your Name, Display picture, total number of circles that people have added you in and a small button ‘Add to Circles’.

All you need to do is, just simply install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard or you can download the plugin and install it through your FTP. Next, you can find a small widget in your Appearance > Widgets > GoogleCard.

Drag the widget and place it on your sidebar. Open the widget and Fill your Google+ profile ID. You can find your google+ id by going to your profile, it is the 21 digit number e.g.

That’s it. You can save the widget and refresh your site to see your Google plus ID card displaying on the sidebar. Visitors and readers of your website can just click the ‘Add to Circles’ button to add you in their Google+ circle.

GoogleCards WordPress Plugin

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  1. Thank You! I installed this with no problem. Very easy to install and configure. I suspect this plugin will become very popular as Google+ grows.


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