Google + like Facebook Circles with Hack Circle


The three software developers from Facebook has come up with a third party app (this app is not related to facebook) that does the job like Google circles within your Facebook account. Yes, In Google plus, you can drag and drop your friends into different circles such as office work, family, fun, vacation etc. So similar to it, Facebook Circles you can drag and drop your Facebook friends into different circles from within Facebook.

Hack Circle can help you to get the same feature of Google + the ability to drag users into “Circles” (groups of friends). After identifying with your Facebook account, see your Facebook friends at the top and groups created on Facebook in a circle at the bottom, allowing you to drag and drop as you do in the Google plus Network.

Hack Circle is a simple application that does the job of Google plus circles in Facebook. If you’re already using Facebook list (where you group your friends into different list such as work, family etc) then once you’ve authorized your Facebook account with Circle hack, your list will be automatically created into Google circle type. Then all your Facebook friends will be listed on the top and you can drag and drop them into different list.

Hack Circle

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