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If you’re a blogger or webmaster, you may conduct Giveaway of software tools, Gadgets and other stuff for your readers. Normally Giveaway on the internet will be conducted, as the visitor or reader enters into the giveaway, he/she should comment on the giveaway blog post so that it would be easy for the webmaster / blogger to pick up the winners using the random list or some criteria. But, the name/email address of the contestant should have been entered in the blog post comments section as a rule of Giveaway. When your Giveaway reaches huge audience, then picking the winner will be a tough task because you need to collect all the Names and Email address of the contestants.

WordPress users can get benefited using the WordPress plugin named ‘Giveaway Helper WordPress Plugin’ that lets you select the winners easily. It lets you to select the winners easily through the Giveaway Helper retrieves Emails and Names of the commentators of an article (especially giveaway article). You can easily select all those Emails or Names, copy them and paste them into to select winners.


  • Retrieves the Emails and Names uniquely. Even though there are multiple entries of same person, only 1 entry is accepted.
  • Ability to filter-out any Email Addresses you want.

Once you’ve installed the Giveaway Helper plugin, you can find it Tools > Giveaway Helper. Go to the page and select the Giveaway Post. You can enter email ID’s which you want to remove from the contest. You can separate emails by comma and finally select the option to retrieve the email ids or names of all the contestants.

Once you’ve clicked the Submit button, all the names/email address of the contestants on the particular giveaway post will be listed. You can copy them or directly hit the ‘Go to list Randomizer’ button to select the winner using the

Giveaway Helper WordPress Plugin

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