Get Unofficial Vanity URL Username for Google Plus Profile


I am sure you know about the vanity URL if you’ve used Facebook. Once you’ve signed up Facebook, your profile URL will look something like But, with the Facebook vanity URL you can get your own username for your profile and it would turn into So similar to it, the new Social networking site from Google named ‘Google plus’ gets a unofficial vanity URL username.

Google Plus Nick is an unofficial vanity URL app that lets you to create your own username for your Google plus profile. If you’re in Google Plus, then your profile URL should be something like and if you want it to be like, then it’s simple.

Go to and enter your Profile ID, type a username which you would like to get for your Gplus profile. Your Profile ID is the one which appears after – the numbers. So just enter those numbers and a username. Click Add to get your own Vanity URL (username) for your Google plus profile.

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  1. vishnu says:

    thanks bro!

  2. Michael Dector says:

    You can use , it’s make vanity URL for your Google+ Profile like

  3. Chuck says: is a good alternative

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