Get Google Plus Desktop Notifications with G+ Notify


Already Google is annoying users by letting the red color notification every where on their Google products page as well as inside Gmail Inbox. Now if you want it to affect on your desktop work, then you don’t have to open the browser to get Google plus notifications. Instead, try out this Google plus desktop notifier free tool that allows you to get your Google plus notifications in your desktop.

G+ Notifier is a Windows utility that sits in the notification area and alerts you to notifications in the Google+ social network. You don’t have to install anything. Just download the G+ Notifier to your computer and unzip the folder, search for DanTup.GPlusNotifier.exe and run the file. This is the method to start the G+ Notifier application. Once it is started, it sits on your taskbar notification.

For the first time, it pop ups a small window asking for your Google account credentials, enter your username and password. Once you’ve authorized, you can see the notification of Google plus profile displaying on your taskbar. Double click the red color icon on your desktop taskbar to check out the notification.

As far I checked out, the G+ Notifier uses a framework inside which it displays the Google plus mobile interface where you can check out your profile notification, browse your profile, update your status, look out friends photo albums, circles, hangouts etc.

G+ Notifier app only shows the number of unread messages in the notification area. As this is a open source application, you don’t have to worry about giving your Google account username and password. You can download the source code and check it yourself. The application does not attempt to capture your details or post anything to your account without your knowledge.

Download G+ Notifier

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