Free Website Thumbnail Generator


If you quickly want to turn any photo into a small, medium size thumbnail to share it online, you can use online thumbnail generator that does the job without any hazzle. You don’t have to manually resize the photos into a thumbnail. Simply upload your photo, use the online to resize the photo into a thumbnail.

You can easily get thumbnail images for website with this free thumbnail generator. You can use on your html thumbnail images for your html websites. Make a Thumbnail is a simple online tool that lets you to resize images into thumbnail format without any hassle.

You can simply upload your image, select the thumbnail size and click ‘Make a Thumbnail’ to resize your actual image into thumbnail size. Thumbnail size is of 100×100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 px.

Once the actual image is processed, the online tool displays the thumbnail image with 3 types of codes to use such as HTML code, BB code and direct link to display the thumbnail image. Simple useful tool isn’t it ?

Make a Thumbnail

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