Free Portable Office Suite with Blade Runner


Portable apps are always fun to use and no tension at all. Just copy them in a usb stick, use it anywhere. Just double click the exe file and use them anywhere. Office suite is one of the most poweful software used by many people. Word document, excel sheet, power point and few other things.

SSuite Office Portable Blade Runner is a portable office suite that runs on any laptop, desktop computer instantly. Excellent features and great user interface. The WordGraph component of the office suite will come in handy for those who want to rapidly create or edit text documents.

Like Microsoft Outlook, Blade Runner has EzMail that works alternative to Outlook. The Accel will act as a Excel spreadsheet in Blade runner. It also has a inbuilt search and find option that quickly searches files. The SSuite Office includes a web browser, PDF memo creator, printing envelope address, Instant LAN messenger, Portable address book, Agnot security box, EZPhoto editor, Clipboard viewer and many more tools.

Download Portable Office Suite Blade Runner

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