Free Best Language Translator app for Windows


A desktop foreign language translator app is always essential when reading or viewing foreign language websites or documents. We have already told you free language translator software for Windows and also online tools like Google translate are popular more on the web, you need to check out this Google translate bookmarklet which comes handy when reading web pages that are in foreign languages. Now here is one more tool for Windows, a desktop language translator app.

Linguarde is a desktop client for Google translator. If you’re person who uses more of Google translator, then this is a must have desktop client for Google translator. Linguarde powered by Google translator, can translate words, phrases, web pages between languages and identify a language – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and more.

Using the desktop interface, you can translate words from any language to any foreign language. You can copy the text, save the translation text in rich text format, save the source file too.

Linguarde also acts as a web page translator. When you want a piece of text to convert into a foreign language, just highlight the piece of text in your mouse and there you can see a small linguarde icon appearing, click on it, it automatically with the help of google translate, translates the text into your desired foreign language.

Download Linguarde [Language Translator desktop app]

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