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You can easily check if email was read in Gmail or track how many people opened the email, one of the best methods to find whether your goal is achieved or not. If you’re spreading your CPA offers through email or curious to find out how many people open and read your newsletter ?You can track them with a email marketing analytics tool CampaignCog.

CampaignCog is one of the easiest way to track your email campaigns. You can perfectly track the behaviour of recipients such as how many people actually opened your email? How many people actually read your email? If the email was forwarded to someone else and lots more. With CampaignCog you can find out the level of interest and engagement your email campaign has generated. You will find out, the Open Rate of your campaign and whether a recipent actually read your email or whether they skim-read or deleted your email.

Just sign up for free account and start creating your email campaigns. You can just integrate with your email subscription provider such as aweber, mailchimp etc. So that it will be able to provide subscriber level tracking where you can see reports for each individual email you send to allowing you to identify your most precious subscribers.

Once you’re done with it, you get your email tracking code. Just copy the code and paste in your email newsletter. It includes the tracking code as well as click tracking.

The reports from CampaignCog shows you detailed report on tracking such as track opens, forwards, deletes, prints and average time spent on reading your email. Also you can find out how effective your email campaigns are: Was your email actually read or just ignored? How can you improve engagement?

You can easily find your recipients email client such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or something else. This helps you in optimizing newsletters for the popular email clients and more. You can also find where are the majority of your subscribers come from – Geo Location. The browsers which your client have used and more. Start your Campaign now !


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  1. Brett Lee says:

    Is there any way, we can use this with Feedburner subscriptions?

  2. Pete says:

    It was a great free service. But now you have to pay for it. It’s too expensive for what you get. :-( Does anybody knows an alternative service?

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