Export Music to Mac from iPod with CopyTrans xPort


If you’re iTunes is empty and still you have all the music in your iPod, then it is easy to transfer back all the music from your iPod to your iTunes on your Mac computer with the nifty tool called CopyTrans xPort. It easily exports all the music without much hassle.

xPort allows to transfer all your music and podcasts, your play counts, ratings, artworks from iPod to Mac very easily. Using xPort lets you to backup your iPod so that you don’t have to worry about losing your music. xPort not only copies the music from your iPod to Mac, but also imports data related to music such as play counts, dates added, ratings, as well as the album covers.

Features of xPort :

Transfer from iPod to iTunes on Mac
Transfer play counts, ratings, covers etc
Backup iPod to avoid losing music
Listen music with m3u playlist
25GB music transfer rate less than hour
Find lyrics too

xPort supports iPod Classic, iPod Nano Gen. 3 & 4, iPod Video, iPod Photo, iPod U2, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle. All you need is Mac OS 10.3 and Java version 1.5 or higher.

Download CopyTrans xPort

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