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From the developers of LinkNotify and Twellow, today we have another awesome online app that lets you to share Facebook and twitter status updates as it is on your websites. You can simply embed all your social status updates in your websites with images, links hyperlinked. If you want to share some one’s social status updates from Facebook and Twitter, normally there are two ways. One is to share the links only and another way is to capture status updates as screenshots and add the screen shot image to your website post. Now you can avoid both the ways, directly embed the status update in your website using SocialDitto.

Social Ditto is a online app that allows you to embed Twitter & Facebook conversations. Easily obtain any Facebook or Twitter status link by clicking on the date and time. All you need to do is, just copy paste the status update URL from facebook or twitter and hit the ditto button to get the embed link.

The above picture must have helped you to find out how to get your Facebook status update URL. Similar way to grab your twitter status update URL too. So now the next step after getting the update URL is, paste the URL into the social ditto text box and hit the ditto button. It will display the embed code, just copy paste the embed code in your website.

Below is the sample test of Social Ditto. Check out my Facebook and Twitter status updates which are embedded in my website.

Srivathsan GkGood morning. Have productive day ahead every1 ;)

Twitter Status Update :

Mouna raagam. #Suntv 20 hours ago via TweetCaster · powered by @socialditto

Socialditto makes it easy to embed a Facebook or Twitter status update, with comments, into an article, blog… heck just about anywhere embeds are embeddable.

From the developers of Social DittoLink Notify & Twellow

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