eHealth Software to Track Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Pulse rate, weight


Health and social care softwares are increasing that allows you to keep track of readings about your health by displaying some health measure units and related stuff on community health information. If your health treatment includes regular test such as blood sugar, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse, and weight, then tracking them using is very useful. You don’t get to miss any of the information, because the lab reports which you file may sometimes go unnoticed or you may miss the physical paper, so always noting down in a software, will be useful to keep track. Today we are going to see one such ehealth software.

My Daily Readings is a free tool that allows you to track your daily medical reports and testings. Just feed your reports into the software, so that before you go to doctor’s office, you can just print your graphs, to take with your report to the doctor’s office.My

Daily Readings you will be able to keep track of your blood sugar, blood pressure (systolic & diastolic), pluse rate, and weight by date and time. There is also a comments area to use any way you choose. You can track your progress graphically.

Once you’ve installed, just start creating a new database, insert your name, edit the values, add values for blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse rate, weight etc. Now when ever you have health reports, just open the database, add the values. You can finally compare with visual graph and also take print out of it.

Features :

  • Supports multiple users.
  • Automatically sorts your readings by date and time however you enter them.
  • Generates a printed report that starts printing from where you decide.
  • The printed report prints the comments field only when you have comments to print.
  • A print to screen feature which greatly aids in searching.
  • A repair utility which allows you to fix a corrupted database, should that ever happen.
  • A utility to compact and reorganize your database.
  • A utility to delete multiple readings at the same time should you wish to do so.
  • Record as many readings per day as you need.
  • A fully integrated help system.
  • Improved editing.
  • An improved menu system including shortcuts.
  • Eleven enhanced bar graphs.
  • Eleven enhanced Line Graphs.
  • A new Backup database utility..
  • A new Restore database utility.
  • Tracks both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

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