Backup Restore Windows Drivers with Semper Driver backup


I’m here to explain you how to backup drivers windows xp, not only XP you can also backup drivers in Windows 7. Backup and restore Windows 7 drivers can be done easily with a free third party best windows backup driver program called Semper Smart driver backup. It can easily backup drivers in Windows, restore drivers and update your drivers in Windows operating system.

Semper driver backup program is totally free backup utility for Windows that allows you to backup and restore drivers to and from local Windows systems. It can run on all windows operating system and does the task of backup restore drivers. Why would some one want to backup windows drivers ? When you format your windows operating system and reinstall a fresh copy of windows, sometimes you may not get proper function of keyboard, sound cords, etc etc. So before reinstalling your operating system, you can backup your windows drivers which is the backbone for windows operations.

Once you’ve downloaded, install the semper driver backup tool. Open it, you will be shown a list of drivers which are already present in your computer. There are two options, import drivers and backup drivers. For the first time, just click the backup drivers option, it will start backing up all your Windows drivers in your my documents semper folder.

With one click it will back up all drivers to a folder of your choice. Semper Driver Backup also creates a backup log which serves two purposes, firstly to document activities and secondly to provide an import script for later use. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. With a user friendly and easy to use interface it shows categories of Windows drivers and their details.

Download Semper Driver Backup

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