Backup Android Email Accounts and Settings


You can easily backup your android email accounts and android email settings with a single tap from your android device. One of the best Android backup email app will let you to backup all your email accounts connected on your android phone and also including the settings which you have customized on your android phone. This ensures you don’t have to lose any of your android data. Even if your android phone gets stolen or you get your new android phone, you can simply restore the android backup email accounts and settings.

Titanium Backup is an extreme powerful tool to backup all your android apps. You will be suprised to know the feedback of this android app. Below is one of the customer feedback on Titanium backup app

” Most priceless app on the market! This app is absolutely the best! The fact that you can backup data for all your apps and system settings is invaluable. Now I can switch ROMs and clear data and cache without every worrying about having to reenter my settings. I never have to worry about losing that high score in a game that took forever and a day to achieve! This is the one app that you must have and I highly suggest getting the pro version. ”

Titanium backup app can be only installed if you’ve rooted your android phone. It can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro version) your apps + data + Market links. It can also process batch or scheduled backups. The pro version of Titanium backup app lets you to batch restore, Dropbox sync, conversion between user – system apps, Dalvik cleaner and more.

The most essential and best backup app ever for android. Everyone with a rooted Android based phone should use it.

Download Titanium backup [Android]

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