Auto Detect Empty Folders and Delete in Windows


Sometimes you may not know there would be many empty folders in your computer that are created by software bots. Deleting them is no harm and you will get some more space on your hard disk. Finding each empty folder one by one and deleting them is a hard task. So here is a freeware tool that finds all the empty folders in the directory and batch deletes them.

RED (Remove Empty Directories) is a simple freeware tool that lets you automatically find and delete empty folders recursively below a given start folder. Before deleting anything it let’s you check all empty directories it found.

Features of RED :

– Show empty directories before deleting
– Supports multiple modes of suppression (including trash)
– Enables a whitelist and a blacklist of directories using filters
– Can detect as empty folders with empty files

But always make sure before deleting an empty folder, because some software may use the empty folder for temporary file storage and if you delete them it may not work.

RED is available as a exe file and portable version. Requires Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 to use and supports all Windows operating system.

Download RED

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