Android Calendar, SMS, Contacts Backup and Restore with Mobile Backup II


If you’re a non-android user, then here is a great write up about taking back up of mobile phone contacts using an online service called Syncfriend. It syncs all your contacts, calendars, events on cloud. So, coming back to android, For android users, you can easily backup your phone data via SD card anytime anywhere. For example, you can backup android calendar, android email backup, android settings backup, backup any data on android and restore it easily with android apps.

Mobile backup II is android backup restore app where you can backup android data such as android calendar backup, android Contacts, SMS and Call Log backup in SD card. The backup data is stored in the root directory of SD card.

Suppose if you’re getting a new android phone, you can simply backup all your android data, import all the personal data from any android phone and export to another android phone via SD card. It simply backup calendar in txt file, backup android contacts, SMS, call logs and more.

Once you’ve installed the android backup app, it displays two options – backup and restore. Backup options has 4 parameters such as Calendar, Contacs, SMS, Call log. If you click on them, it simply backup all the file into your root directory of SD card. Same way, you can open the app anytime and use restore option to restore the data. If you’ve done a backup earlier, it pops up with a message to seek permission for backup overwriting.

Download Mobile backup II [Android]

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