Add Facebook Wall Stream into Google+ Dashboard


Now you’ve got your Google plus profile and been enjoying all the new features of Google plus, the so called Facebook killer. Now if you’re social media enthusiast like me who has got profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, then updating your status on each social site takes your time. Adding another social networking site to the existing one is always fun and consumes less time. Avoid updating your status manually across networks, instead just add your existing Facebook wall stream into your new Google plus dashboard with a simple cross browser extension from Crossrider, a Javascript Development Framework that helps to create cross browser extensions in minutes.

Google+Facebook allows you to see your Facebook stream inside Google+. Simply Connect to Facebook, and get all the updates on your Google+ Facebook tab. The application will request access to your Facebook account using public APIs but will require full access for it to be able to deliver updates and allow you to post to your wall.

Download Crossrider’s Google+Facebook

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