Add Facebook Like to Google Search with Google+Like


Now Google search engine by default shows +1 button beside every search engine results. Starting with their live preview button (that lets you preview websites before entering them), Google search engine has implemented this +1 button beside every URL on the search page. With a little tweak, an extension can display a Facebook like button beside every URL in the Google search results page.

Crossrider Google + like extension for IE, Chrome and Firefox adds a Facebook Like button to every Google search result. See how many people liked each of the results and who from your friends already have recommended it ! Who needs Google +1 when you have Google +Like.

Before installing Google + Like extension, make sure you’ve logged into Facebook. Once you’ve installed this extension, what ever search you do on Google, a simple Like button gets displayed beside every URL. Also if you’re friends have liked or recommended that page, you’re facebook friends picture gets displayed next to the UR

So you can directly like the page or recommend the search URL in Facebook. Also see : Crossrider’s Facebook wall stream inside Google+ dashboard.

Crossrider’s Google + Like Extension

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