5 Useful Firefox Addons 2011


As a Firefox web developer, one of the major advantage is Firefox addons. Firefox is been liked by millions of people due to its addon compatibility and you can install any custom scripts for your easy browsing through Firefox. Creating addons for Firefox is not a tough job. You can easily create Firefox addons using Jetpack. Now on the past we had told you about many Firefox addons for completing various jobs easily. Look out few articles below to know more about different Firefox addons that lets you to finish your job so easily.

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WebMail Notifier

If you’re a Chrome user, then you might have used this Gmail notifier extension that displays a small notification on unread emails, similarly for Firefox, here is a multiple email domain notifier that displays un read emails for all your email address. You can use multilpe accounts at the same time and it displays the email count. It supports Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, daum, naver, nate, paran, POP3/IMAP and more.

QuickFox Notes

One of the best note taking addon for firefox. It lets you to quickly take notes from your Firefox browser by adding multiple tabs of notes. This Quickfox note taking addon syncs with integrated bookmark system or sync system such as dropbox etc. If you’re using dropbox or any other similar tool, then this addon syncs with them so that all your notes are stored over the cloud.

Other features such as multi-tab, auto save, spell check, clipboard manager, import, export, calculator and many more. With the right click context menu option, you can send any piece of text to quickfox notes. You have date&time insertion, google suggestion and more. – Multiple Row tabs in Firefox


Just wanted to know the meaning of a word while you’re browsing through a long context ? With Hyperwords extension for Firefox, you can simply block the piece of text and with a single click it gives suggestions to search on Amazon, Google, Wikipedia. You can share on Email, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress and more. With hyperwords, you can convert currencies and other units, translate dozen of languages.


Many times on the web you will not be interested to give your original email address because of unwanted email spams. So for those places you can provide a temporary email that lets you finish the job and throw away the email once the job gets done. So finding for temporary email address is made easy using Trashmail addon for Firefox.

You can easily create disposable email address with this addon. Just install, register a free account with this addon. Then where ever you need a disposable temporary email address, you can simply right click on the text field and paste a temporary email address. All your email address can be accessed on Email address manager from the addon.

But my favorite disposable email provider is 10minutemail.com

Dr.Web anti-virus link checker

Before opening a link on the web, always use these kind of anti-virus link checker to find out whether the site is safe to open and use. Because today there are more of spammy and phishing sites than the original one. Use Dr.Web anti virus link checker Firefox addon to check any file you are about to download, any page you are about to visit

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