10+2 Little Known YouTube Tips


Even though you spend so many hours on YouTube, the main attraction would be to press the play button, stop, check related videos and watch them. But beyond this, you can always try the ‘Hidden YouTube options‘ well I am sure most of them don’t know about. Here are the collection of the 10 Hidden Tips that you don’t know on YouTube.

YouTube HD Videos :

YouTube offers the possibility of some videos of switch to HD. Nothing could be easier, simply click on the icon HD present in the lower right of the YouTube player.

How To Post YouTube HD Videos on Blogs/Websites ?

Normally when you embed videos from YouTube in blog posts and websites, it shows only the standard quality (SD) and not the HD. If you want to post HD videos directly, simply add &ap=%3D18%2526fmt (for 480 × 270) or &ap=%3D22%2526fmt (for 1280 × 720) at the end of the URL.

Start Playing a YouTube video at Some Minute, Seconds

If you want to start playing a video directly when desired, simply add #t=02m35s (replace 02 35 by minutes and by the second) at the end of the URL.

Start YouTube Video at Specific Point

If you want the embedded video to start from a specific point rather than the beginning, simply add &start=60. The number is in seconds.

Autoplay YouTube Videos

By default, embedded videos do not autoplay. If you want the videos to autoplay, simply add &autoplay=1 to the URL.

Auto Loop YouTube Videos

If you want your videos to automatically loop, simply add &loop=1.

Hide Search Box in Embedded YouTube Video

Want to prevent users from searching for other videos on your embedded video? Simply add &showsearch=0 to the end of the URLs, which currently appear twice in the standard embed code.

Download YouTube Video

Use http://keepvid.com/ – Just input your YouTube video address and get the download link.

Find Similar YouTube Music

YouTube offers Playlist – Chain playlist with set of similar songs with YouTube Disco – allows you to search for songs similar to those of a particular artist.

YouTube History

You can check out your YouTube history of what all you’ve watched. It keeps everything in memory and it is useful to find the videos you’ve seen that you liked, etc. Just go to your profile at top right (Profile > Videos > History) and click History.

Remove Playlist bar

You can easily remove the annoying playlist bar and also the auto playing the next YouTube video feature. Check out this extension for more details.

YouTube Snake Game

Most of them should be knowing about this YouTube snake game trick, if you don’t know, go find out here.

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  1. Great tips … Was unaware about some of them !! Thanks for the share :-)

  2. Awesome tips..thnx for sharing…

  3. Thanks for the youtube video download trick, i was having a hardtime downloading videos on my mac. Keepvid works great :D it supports so many other video streaming websites.

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