10 Free Software that I Use Everyday


This is just to give you a clear idea about what softwares to use for your daily browsing and productivity. Some people get easily annoyed when using computer because of their slow computer, buggy browser and other things that don’t get into their way. So here is my 10 free softwares that I use it everyday for browsing, blogging and for regular computing.

Firefox & Chrome

Chrome is been my default browser past 1.5 years and its been a clean journey so far. Every morning when you open browser for a quick email checkup or facebooking or what ever may be, I simply use chrome for a getting things quicker. Easy – clean user interface, quick loading and support for extensions make it easy to access for daily routine. Firefox is my secondary browser, for quite few activities I use Firefox (still some Firefox addons haven’t got ported to Chrome)


Tweetdeck just runs all day on my taskbar with a small notification message displaying when some one replies or @ mentions, direct messages you on twitter. When I get distracted, its all because of Tweetdeck with the support to multiple tabs, twitter lists, notification, easy user interface to use twitter. Get the most outta twitter with Tweetdeck.

Snagit 10

This is a screen capture tool I prefer for blogging. When ever you need to take screenshots of web pages or desktop interface with Snagit, its a breeze to use. Once you capture screen, you can resize, crop, add annotations, markers and many more. (snagit is not a freeware, you can try snapit – alternative for snagit.


To check programming related files and play with lines of codes, Notepad++ comes handy. All my PHP, CSS related work are done with Notepad++. Another great free tool.


Opensource free FTP client for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Fast, Easy user interface and speeds up browsing FTP sites. Two bigger loves on FTP is because of its site manager for all your major FTP locations, and QuickConnect for fast switching on the fly.

Revo Uninstaller Freeware

Normally I am a person who would love to test many freewares and softwares on my Windows 7 machine. So installing softwares may become a breeze because of developers who provide most of the softwares with One click install, but the pain comes when uninstalling them. So I always prefer Revo Uninstaller which does the job without any hassle. It completely removes all the files from the software directory and also removes registry entries on the machine.

Winamp & VLC Media Player

These are the best two media players to listen music and watch videos. For listening music I use Winamp and for watching movies and other videos I use VLC media player.


For zipping and unzipping files, I prefer 7-Zip – fastest and best compression utility for Windows. 7-Zip is a file archiver with the high compression ratio. Supports many file compression formats.

Skype & Google Talk

Gtalk for For instant messaging and Skype for Voice/Video calling.

What are all the softwares that you use on daily computing ? let us know through comments.

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  1. Charles says:

    Snagit 10 is not a freeware but a shareware.

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