Write Blog post Instantly without any Registration with Instablogg


Freakishly pouring out your random rants as a quick blog post ? don’t have your own blog space to write down ? Get down at Instablogg and start blogging instantly. No registration, No signup, Nothing. Just to go the homepage, put your blog post title and scribble down. It doesn’t require anything. You can blog post anonymously too.

Instablogg is a free service that lets you to blog post instantly. No registration stuff. Just go to the homepage and start writing the post. According to Instablogg, this is what they have to say ” No need to sign up for a blog, customize your theme, build your archive etc. Just start writing. When you’re done, you have a full featured, good-looking blog post, with commenting and social sharing options. You can then send your link to the myriad of web and social channels available on the web today. ”

Do you have something important to say to this world ? some message ? and you’re not a regular blogger who has a blogging space ? and want to say something completely anonymously ? then here is Instablogg for you.

Just go to the homepage, start writing.

It has a WYSIWYG editor.

You can insert images, flash, table, smileys, special character, iframe etc.

You can set your post to public or private.

You can enable or disable comments (disqus comments system is used)

You can delete the post later with the unique URL which is given.

There are two URLs given once you’ve done with the post. One is for showing the blog post to your friends and another is for editing the post and deleting the post.


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