Mix Images, Music, Voice to Create Video in iPhone, iPad with Videolicious


This free iOS app lets you to create videos on the go. If you’re going to create video for thank you note, product review, business profile video or kids and family vacation video, then this is the right app for you. Do you have images, videos, music etc, then mix them all and create an excellent video out of it. You can add set of images, your own voice track to the videos.

Videolicious can turn raw video clips and photos into tightly edited masterpieces to share with your friends, in just three simple steps. Select the video, photos to create your movie. Now add voice or video track to narrate about the photos and videos. You can use the front facing camera to tell your own story, or now use the rear facing camera to film a friend telling his or her story. Finally add one music to enhance your movie. That’s it.

Videolicious can work faster than all other video editors and Once you’re done with the video, you can upload them to Facebook and YouTube easily.

It has in-built video ideas on how to create Video on Thank You Note-My Day in Video-Trip Documentary-Restaurant Review Video-Auction or Sales Video-Product Review Video-Kids and Family Video-Birthday Party Video-Sight Seeing Video-Shopping Haul Video-Event Documentary-Personal Profile Video-Video Resume-Video Blog Entry-Real Estate Listing Video-Store Review Video-Business Profile Video-Hotel Review Video-News Report Video-Sports Game Video and so on.

Download Videolicious – Video Editing Software for iPhone, iPad

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  1. This is great and easy to use. I really have to download this app. :)

  2. Marina says:

    I’ve just created video clip. It was incredibly!!!! It is easy and simple.

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