Use Random Number Generator Widget to Select Winners for a Contest


The next time you need to select a winner for a contest, or assign random numbers to a task, then you can use this which I personally recommend for y’all. is a simple web service that lets you to pick a random number from the given range of numbers. Suppose if you set from 1 to 100. Everytime you click generate, it throws out a random number. You can put a true random number generator on your web site in the form of a widget too.

The true random number service offers blog widgets that lets your visitors to pick a random number or try the service from your blog. One easy way to make your readers to come again and visit your blog to try this kind of unique service.

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You can try the widget below :

You can get the widget from this link

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  1. This is going to coem in handy as we do a lot of contests and random number giveaways for my small businesses.

  2. Jenni M. says:

    We used to use but it was down too much so we started using – it’s also free

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