Use Internet Explorer Inside Google Chrome with Chrome IE addon


You can simultaneously switch back and forth between Google Chrome and IE inside Chrome with a simple addon named Chrome IE. If you’re a developer or designer and want to test your theme or webpage in chrome and IE, you don’t want to open IE at all. By simple adding this extension, with a tap or click on the icon near address bar, it opens IE inside Google chrome.

Chrome IE addon can simply open Internet Explorer in Chrome and show the web pages beautifully. Once you’ve installed the Chrome IE extension, you see a small icon beside your address bar. When ever you open a web page in Google chrome and wants to check that immediately on IE, simply hit the icon and it opens them in Internet explorer with in Chrome.

If you want to load or open a website in Chrome with a Internet explorer style, you need to type “IE” (without quotes), then Press Tab ,to input your url, the url will be opened in ie mode (Of course it’ll work well when the tab already in ie mode).

You can also add certain webpages or websites in the settings panel so that it opens in the IE mode everytime. You can go to the settings panel by right clicking the chrome icon. This extension also adds a right click context menu to open websites in Chrome IE mode.

Download Chrome IE

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  1. Cool addon! This is indeed very helpful for web developers and designers by minimizing the effort of opening two different browsers to compare the results which can now be done in just one browser. I’m excited to use it. Thanks so much for this share. :-)

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