Top 10 Most Loved Free Apps


To discover the best free apps and services around the web, there is a community driven website named Catchfree that makes it easy to discover and share the best free web apps. The free web apps that are listed on the catchfree website obeys the catchfree pattern such as there should be no hidden catches, no credit card required for the free version and they should be well practised to protect the personal information. So with the community driven website Catchfree has listed the best or top 10 most loved free apps.

Top 10 Best Free Apps [Non-Expiring Free Version]

Dropbox is my favorite and one of the top best apps to backup data online. You can backup, share files over the internet and also sync files over the internet. Sync files across multiple computers, mobile devices to access the internet. With internet connection, it allows you to access your files from anywhere around the world. Dropbox – Best Free Online Data Backup & Syncing Utility.

Springpad is one of the best organizing tool that can increase your productivity. When you come across something you want to remember, quickly add it to Springpad on the web, from your phone, or via email. It automatically organizes and enhances the data you’ve stored with useful links and offers to save you time and money. When you need it, it’s there – accessible from any web browser or your phone. Springpad is a free web app that gives you many ways to save and access anything you want to remember.

Mavenlink is a comprehensive, custom-branded project management solution. Collaborate online, share files, track time & invoice inside one end-to-end application. Integration with Google Apps and the simplicity of the system is what makes Mavenlink so unique in such a saturated PM market. Mavenlink = Best Project Management App.

Evernote allows users to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms. Users can take notes, clip webpages, snap photos using their mobile phones, create to-dos, and record audio. All data is synchronized with the Evernote web service and made available to clients on Windows, Mac, Web, and mobile devices. Evernote = Excellent Note taking app.

Skype – You already know what it is used for and you might be using it in your daily life for making voice calls, chatting with friends and the skype mobile app allows you to make video calls to anyone and everyone. Easy, convenient, and smooth in use. Skype = Talk with friends all over the world for free.

Webs is a free website builder tool that allows you to create your own website within minutes. It offers over 300 templates with WYSIWYG Sitebuilder that helps you to create several apps including blogs, photo albums, video galleries, calendars, and discussion forums. Webs = Coolest website builder and its Free.

Xobni, the word “inbox” spelled backwards, has created a new way to look at your email. Xobni is a free plugin that helps you search and organize your inbox. It creates profiles in an integrated sidebar that provides details including contact info, company info, job titles, profile pictures, and more.

TeachStreet is a great place to find classes about all sorts of fun things like cooking, languages, and music. If I were a teacher, I’d put my stuff on TeachStreet for sure. TeachStreet is a great online community to search and find local and online classes. With a community driven website, reviews are very helpful in deciding which class or professor is right for you., If you want to build a blog, then go right away to Easy to use blog builder that includes free hosting. Blogging =

LogMeIn is the best remote connectivity tool. Alternative to teamviewer. Easy to help someone with their computer problems or to show them how to do something on their computer. When you’re sitting at your home and using Logmein, you will access to every file and application on your friends computer and resolve the issue. Remote Control = LogMeIn

Let me know your most loved free apps through the comments section.

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