Top 10 Most Common Passcodes to Unlock iPhone


Passcodes are nothing but a 4-digit PIN that secures your smartphone or iPhone from unwanted access from your friends who peeks at your private texts or accidentally it calls or texts someone when you keep in your pocket etc. So therefore, Passcodes are must for a smartphone. But you shouldn’t be dumb to keep your passcode so simple to easily find out by others. Let me come to the point. There is a app called ‘Big brother camera security app’ that basically works this way. If you’re iPhone has passcode to unlock it and someone tries to unlock and has entered a wrong passcode, then it takes a snap of them.

So this app company has more than 200,000 subscribers using this app. If some one or yourself enter a wrong code, Snap ! You have a picture of who was trying to access your device. You can also set it to sound an alarm. So based on the usage of 200,000 subscribers, they have got the most common passcodes that were used.

Check out the below graph to find out the common passcodes. If you’ve one of these passcodes, then go rightaway and change them. The most used common passcode is 1234 and second common is 0000.

The number 2580 is nothing but simply a straight line down the middle of the keypad. 5683 spells the word ‘Love’ and 0852 is the reverse of 2580.

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  1. tom says:

    nice list i would never use any of these password they are too simple

  2. unreal that people still use 1234, what is this spaceballs!

  3. Mahesh says:

    iPhone users can use the Advanced Passcode which let’s you to keep a passcode which is a combination of letters, numbers & symbols. It provides more security as compared to the Simple passcode scheme.

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