Take Screenshots, Webcam Captures, Create Time lapse, Stop Motion videos with Chronolapse


We have already told you about creating stop motion videos with a free stop motion maker jellycam tool that can take webcam captures and create a video file of stop motion or time lapse videos. Now here is one more open source tool named “Chronolapse” that can create stop motion, time lapse videos with the help of screenshots and webcam captures.

Chronolapse is a tool for creating time lapses and stop motions. It can take screenshots or webcam captures (or both simultaneously) at user defined intervals then help you process them into a video file. Check out the below video which was created with the help of Chronolapse.

Features of Chronolapse :

  • Dual monitor support
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Batch Resizing and Rotating
  • Simple annotation system
  • MEncoder interface for encoding videos
  • Scheduled Captures
  • Adding audio tracks to video

Download Chronolapse

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