Switch Between Multiple Google Accounts with Account Switcher for Gmail


Multiple account handler for Google account or Google Gmail account can be made possible with Account Switcher addon for Chrome. It simply adds multiple accounts in a drop down menu list on the Google home page beside your account sign in. So you can directly click the switch button and shift to multiple accounts with a single tap.

Account Switcher for Google Gmail accounts is a simple Chrome Extension that makes your life easier especially if you are using more than one google account. It is very common to have more than one google account, maybe one for work, one personal.

Once you’ve installed this extension, you can go to the Tools > Extensions > Account Switcher > Options > here you can click the add new account to enter your email id and password. If you’re using Gmail, then no need to add @gmail.com at the end of your email id, just the username is enough. If you’re using some other web email service, then add the @part.

Once you’ve added multiple accounts, you can save the configuration settings and refresh the homepage of Google. You can see a small tab beside your Google sign in username, Switch > all your accounts are listed. Simply tap the account and it automatically login to your account.

If you don’t trust the extension and you don’t want to add passwords that is fine, just add your usernames. In this case the extension will not automatically sign you in but will wait for you to insert the password manually.

Download Account Switcher [Chrome Extension]

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