Stop Auto Playing Next Video on YouTube with Subscription bar remover


If you’re logged into your YouTube account and have subscribed to any of the videos, a playlist gray bar on YouTube will be showcased with the navigational controls like loading the next or previous video of the playlist with a thumbnail and auto-shuffle and auto-repeat options. This is sometimes really annoying to users and it plays the next video automatically. This YouTube playlist gray bar can be found at the bottom of the YouTube video which you’ve subscribed.

If you want to disable the gray playlist YouTube bar completely, there are only two ways. One is viewing the video or subscription videos by NOT logging in. Because, if you login, the YouTube playlist gray will appear automatically. So the second option is, hiding them with the help of browser addons and scripts.

As, I have told above, this playlist bar may be useful for some who watch movies on YouTube which are uploaded in parts, so that if they have subscribed to the channel, with the help of this gray color playlist bar, they’re able to watch next-prev videos automatically. If you find them annoying, you can simply disable it with a small extension for Chrome and firefox users can add userscript to block subscription bar in YouTube.

Subscription Bar Remover For Youtube is a tiny extension for Google chrome that lets you to hide, block or remove the playlist bar in YouTube. Simply install the extension and reload the YouTube video. The playlist bar is totally hidden and no disturbance.

It removes Youtube’s new subscriptions bar and stops auto playing the next video. If you’re using Firefox browser, then with the help of Greasemonkey addon, you can install this userscript to block the youtube subscription bar.

Firefox Userscript

Install Chrome Extension

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