Share large files upto 9GB with Fyels


There are many sites on the web that lets you to share files over the web easily without much hassle. But only drawback is the limited file size feature. On the past, we had discussed about file sharing sites such as minus (with just drag and drop feature to upload and get the file share link) and sending large files between two computers are also been discussed.

Fyels is a new file sharing website that has a simplest user interface where user can just drag and drop files to upload them and share them for free without any login or register. User can share files upto size of 9GB. Wow, that’s a huge limit. No registration forms to fill out, all you need to do is just drag and drop the file into the fyels page.

No fees to be paid for using this service, it is completely free. It is one of the world’s simplest file sharing site. It also offers users sign up for free that allows them to use as a unlimited public file sharing drive.

Fyels – Cool app.

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  1. Very cool application and very useful to me, Thank you for sharing

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